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Returning to Hillside Procedures:
I authorize Hillside to enter my unit for the purpose of turning on heat and water. Please turn my heat on to degrees.
Important!  I understand it could be up to 10 business days before my return date that my heat/water get turned on. Upon my return I need to turn on the shut off tap in my unit to have water.  
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Exclusion dates: March 12th-16th 2024 and April 5th-10th 2024. 
Note - If return date is unknown please notify the office, failure to notify us may result in not having water upon your return.


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By clicking submit I am ordering winterizing for my unit. I understand that if my unit has a water softener or fridge with water running in it, it is my responsibility to winterize these items to prevent damage. I agree to leave my heat set to 55 degrees Fahrenheit minimum and understand that Hillside will turn off my heat upon the completion of winterizing. 

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