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Hillside Lake Park Recreation Inc. Code of Conduct

Camper Code of Conduct 2021

This code is in effect as of May 7th 2021.


Hillside Lake Park Recreation Inc. welcomes you back! Please read this Code of Conduct (the Code) and review it with all family members. The rules in this Code must be followed to ensure we all stay safe and do not engage in activities that contravene any Provincial or Federal Government regulations and ensure we comply with all health regulations.   It is important to remember that, ultimately, we are all in charge of our own health and safety.  Please remember to bring a mask and gloves or hand sanitizer for the occasion that you will need it.

This Code is over and above our normal campground rules, which still apply. Strict enforcement of all rules will be in place for all registered names on your occupancy agreement. Any camper, regardless of age who breaches this Code will be asked to leave the campground immediately and your License of Occupation will be cancelled immediately.

If you have a fever or flu-type symptoms, please stay home. If you have tested positive for COVID-19, are a presumptive case, or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive or is a presumptive case, we request that you do not attempt to enter the campground. Please remain at your residence until you have been cleared by your local health department and/or you have finished your self-isolation of 14 days. 

If you are returning from travel from outside of the Province of Ontario, do not plan to visit the campground for a period of 14 days, please remain home. 

At this time, we will be operating under the following rules. These rules may change as the Ontario or Federal Government amends legislation. 

Visitors Until further notice, only people whose names are listed on the License of Occupation will be permitted at Hillside Lake Park Recreation Inc. 

Common Areas The following common areas are closed until further notice. If you are unsure whether something is closed or not, please contact the office for clarification. 

  • Office, Store, Pavillion, Banquet Hall, Washrooms/Laundry, Outhouses
  • Beach, Playground, Baseball Diamond, Horseshoe Pits, Gazebo behind store, Golf Course/off Leash Dog Area, Fishing Dock

Walking around Campground At all times campers must obey social distancing rules as mandated by the Province of Ontario. Currently, you must stay 2 meters or 6 feet away from other campers.

Limit of People on a Campsite Until such time as the Government of Ontario amends the number of people allowed to gather, we are limiting the number of people allowed on a campsite to only the people listed and permitted on that site. 

Children We expect that all parents will ensure their children will obey the rules at all times. If your children cannot follow these rules, please do not bring them to the campground at this time.  Children should be accompanied by an adult at all times when off-site.  This includes activities such as bicycling and walking.

 Events/Activities There are no events/activities currently.

Limit of campers in an area In the event common areas are opened, campers are expected to restrict the number of people permitted in certain areas. Social distancing and gathering rules must be followed.

Supplies  Our local supply chain can now accommodate your purchases, you are able to shop locally. Please remember that all social distancing must be followed.

Office/Store The office is open for in person office service, trailer parts, or propane. Please use our red/green light system to know when you may enter the office. Green: Come inside, limit of one family.  Red: line up outside of the office at designated cones and wait for the person(s) ahead. Masks are required and obey all social distancing rules. Everyone will be required to sanitize upon entry.

 Respect of others and staff All Customers, guests and staff are responsible for respecting the dignity and rights of everyone at the campground. Every person has a right to expect their time at the campground will be without any type of discrimination or harassment. We will not tolerate, ignore, or condone discrimination or harassment and we are committed to promoting respectful conduct, tolerance and diversity at all times. We are all here to either enjoy our hard-earned leisure time, or to do our jobs as best we can: treating each other with respect is the best way to ensure that happens.

All policies/rules will be re-assessed at the end of the current lockdown.

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