COVID-19 Update

Hello Hillside Campers, Staff and Friends
We hope this update finds everyone well and healthy, albeit a little bored and lonely. Our first and foremost concern is for the safety of everyone during this state of emergency. Everything is changing so quickly and unfortunately that brings with it a lot of unanswered questions and uncertainty. We share your anxiety about what this means for our industry this summer, and during the past few weeks there have been many calls, emails and virtual meetings amongst Ontario’s Private Campground Association. We are all working hard to put plans in place to show the government how important “trailer time” is, and how it can be done safely. Recreational camping is still classified on the non-essential list. Our May to October seasonal section remains CLOSED , along with all common areas, public bathrooms and the office. Public health has given us strict rules that will allow snowbirds to come back only when full services are in place. We will reach out via email to all snowbirds that have contacted us, when we are able to offer full service. Once again we want to thank everyone for their patience, and diligence. A huge thank you goes out from all our families to all the front line workers, in the global picture, their safety and that of their families is what is most important right now.
We want to express our thanks for all those that have reached out to us with their kind words of support and a large thank you to everyone here at Hillside who continue social distancing and isolation. We know everyone wants to come to their trailer, trust us when we say we want to be able to open! As soon as we have information to share we will be in touch! If you need to reach us, we are here via phone/email.

Hello Hillside Campers, Staff and Friends
The warmer weather is here and we understand how much you yearn for your trailers right now! Here’s what we now know….

On April 3rd the government amended the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. Seasonal campgrounds continue to be  listed as non-essential, and are not to be used for recreation purposes. This amendment allowed “snowbirds” to potentially have access to their trailers if specific criteria are in place and conditions can be met.  We are concerned for our campers who use Hillside as their home in the summer (to be clear these are customers that don’t have another address in Canada)  and want to be able to help. We know everyone is anxiously awaiting news of when the park can open and when they can come to their trailer.

We’d like to thank all Mobile Home Owners and 8/10 Month seasonals that are here at Hillside for being so diligent with their social distancing and isolation. Please remember that guests are discouraged from visiting, dropping off of groceries/supplies to your loved ones here at Hillside is allowed. There are to be no gatherings or visiting sites. Public bathrooms and our office remain closed, however we are only a phone or email away!  We are expecting an update around April 18th, so watch your inboxes for a message from us! From our family to yours, we hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy at this scary time. Keep calm and eventually we can all camp on!

With the announcement in Ontario of all non essential services needing to close, that means that our seasonal section will now be CLOSED ENTIRELY for the next 2 weeks. Gate cards will be turned off for all the affected customers this also means that parking in the parking lot and entering the park is not acceptable. We appreciate you adhering to these rules. The closure will last until April 8th at which time things will be reassessed  and we will update all of our customers.  The extended seasonal 8/10 month section is open as it provides isolation for campers returning to Canada. All extended seasonals and Mobile Home owners are encouraged to continue the practice of social distancing and self isolation. At this time guests should be discouraged from visiting. There is to be no gathering of any kind as we continue to practice social distancing. Public bathrooms remain closed and the office continues to be closed to foot traffic. If you need to contact us, we suggest phone/email as they are being monitored daily. Again we thank you in advance for your diligence in this manner and look forward with you to the official start of the camping season.

It is with the safety of our family, our staff, and you and all of your families that we send this message.  At this point in time, we are still planning to open as per regular season dates. If something changes we will be in touch with all current members. For the safety of everyone the following changes are in place until further notice. Our office is closed to foot traffic. We are here working/answering phones most days (Monday to Thursday). We are asking customers to use phone (519)632-7572 and email as much as possible in terms of communicating with us. E-transfers would be the preferred method of payment, if this is not an option for you, cheques can be dropped through the office door. The speaker on the office door will be utilized to speak to customers who show up at the office. Campers are more than welcome to come but we expect that you practice social distancing. For our extended season customers arriving back to Canada, it is expected that you will be self-quarantining for 2 weeks, please do not come to our office during this time. To further secure the safety of all we need to make all customers aware that effective immediately our public bathrooms are closed. If you are coming to check on your trailer, be prepared that water and bathroom facilities are not available. As always we are only a phone call/email away, please contact us directly with any questions or concerns you might have. Stay safe, see you all soon!