Hillside Lake Park


All of Hillside Lake Park Recreation Inc’s. (known heretofore as “The Company”) employees are expected to maintain a good quality of work performance, observe proper safety procedures, and also maintain a good record of attendance and punctuality.

The Company hopes that employees will "self-discipline" themselves so that it will be unnecessary for supervisor to do so. The vast majority of our employees observe standards of common honesty, decency, and responsible behavior. However, objectionable or unfavorable conduct, or poor job performance, will not be permitted and will result in disciplinary action including any of the following, depending upon Management’s judgment of the severity of the infraction, the employee's responsibility, and the frequency of infractions.

1          A verbal warning

2          A written warning

3          A final written warning

4          Termination of employment

Serious infractions may warrant immediate suspension or termination. Repeated infractions of a less serious nature may result in progressively more serious disciplinary actions. The use of a series of disciplinary actions does not limit The Companies ability to discipline, and, if judged necessary, discharge any employee, nor does it infer a change in employment status.


All absences will be documented as either “excused” or “unexcused”.

Excused: An excused absence or tardiness is one due to one of the following reasons: hospital confinement, occupational injury, jury duty or mandated court subpoena, prearranged absence approved by your direct supervisor, approved leaves of absence, death in the immediate family, natural catastrophe, or illness when validated by a doctor’s note after the second day.

Unexcused: An unexcused absence or tardiness is one not covered by one of the factors listed above, as well as all unreported absences. Tardiness reported more than 15 minutes after the beginning of a scheduled shift is considered an unexcused absence.

Tardiness: Anyone reporting to work late for an unexcused reason will be subject to disciplinary action. Occurrence will be reviewed in terms of frequency over a three-month period.

Excessive absences that influence an employee’s ability to meet the essential requirement of his/her position may be reviewed separately from the above procedures, even when the absences are otherwise considered excused. Two or more absences within a one-month period (or six absences within a three month period) may result in disciplinary action.

If you find that you are unable to report for work on time due to illness or other emergency, you must personally notify your supervisor as soon as possible by calling the office 519-632-7572, (answering machine is available). In order for the working schedule to be adjusted accordingly, please call no later than two hours before your scheduled starting time.

When you are absent for more than one day, keep your supervisor informed on a daily basis (unless you have been otherwise instructed) as to when you may be expected to return to work. If you are unable to report due to an emergency, please have another person call for you.

Absence without approval will generally result in disciplinary action up to, and including, termination. If you are absent from work without approval, it may be considered a voluntary resignation of your employment with The Company. Forged documentation is grounds for dismissal.


Hillside Lake Park Recreation Inc. (known heretofore as “The Company”) recognizes that workers may engage in social media, including, without limitations, blogging, social networking, tweeting or other similar web sites and services (collectively, “social media”).  The Company would like to communicate its policy on social media.

Workers may not use the Company’s Information System for social media, unless they are authorized to do so as part of their job duties.  Nonetheless, the Company recognizes that workers may engage in social media while off duty.  Workers who engage in social media should be mindful that their postings, even if done off premises and while off-duty, could have an adverse effect on the Company’s legitimate business interests and that readers may view the worker as a de facto spokesperson for the Company

No Harassment

The Company is committed to a safe and respectful work environment. Workers must recognize that their online interactions with or about work colleagues can affect the quality of the Company’s work environment. Always respect the dignity and privacy of other Company employees, customers, other stakeholders and competitors. Harassing, intimidating, offensive, abusive, threatening, menacing or hostile content communicated through social media towards the company and/or co-workers is prohibited regardless if the posting is done off premises and while off-duty. Data related to others, including, but not limited to, personal details, photos and pictures shall only be posted with that party’s consent.

It is the Company’s policy to adhere to the OHS Act and all other applicable legislation. Discrimination and harassment based on race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, record of offences, marital status, family status or disability against the Company’s officers, directors, employees, partners, affiliates, customers, vendors, or other third parties (including our competitors) is strictly prohibited.  


This policy has been implemented to protect employees from exposure to second hand smoke in the workplace and to ensure a safe, healthy, comfortable and productive environment for all employees. Employees must comply with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act while working at off-site locations. The ban on smoking is in effect at all times, even after hours, when people are not working or when customers are not present.

As required under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, smoking is prohibited in all portions of Hillside Lake Park Recreation Inc. that fall under the “enclosed workplace” including inside all buildings, on jobsites and in all work vehicles.

In addition, smoking is prohibited on all grounds of Hillside Lake Park Recreation Inc. except where authorized by management.  Ashtrays or any equipment serving as an ashtray (e.g. coffee cup, tin can, bucket etc.) are prohibited on the grounds of Hillside Lake Park Recreation Inc.


Any employee engaging in the manufacture, distribution, possession or use of legal or prohibited substances (narcotics or other illegal drugs, alcohol, legalized marijuana products or prescription medication without a prescription) on company premises, in company vehicles, or while on company business.

Any employee taking medication that may affect their ability to safely operate equipment, work around equipment, perform assigned duties, or to control potentially violent outbursts must discuss this in confidence with their Supervisor or Manager. This includes the use of pain relief/cold medication, opioids, medical marijuana products or any substance that may cause impairment. Do not operate any equipment while taking medication that will impair your ability to safely operate the equipment. If necessary, your role and tasks will be modified until you can return to your normal duties.

Any employee who is reasonably suspected of being intoxicated, impaired, under the influence of a legal or prohibited substance, or is not fit for duty shall be suspended from job duties pending an investigation and verification of condition, if such activity or involvement adversely affects the employee's work performance, the safety of the employee or of others, or puts at risk the Company's reputation.


Previous seasonal employment does not guarantee that you will have a job next season, if you wish to be considered for employment for a following season, please contact the park office no later than Feb 28th of the current year. Your personnel file, as well as your past work performance and attendance will be reviewed when considering you for rehire.

Except as may be otherwise provided by law, if The Company reemploys you after a termination in any seasonal or regular full time position, you must complete a new probationary period and qualifying periods in accordance with these policies.


Vacation is not granted during The Companies high season from May 1st to November 20th.


Appearance is a direct extension of The Companies ambiance; it shows the guest a positive appearance and attitude. Your personal appearance and hygiene affects guest relations and can create a favorable or unfavorable impression of both you and The Company. The Company requires employees to be conservatively dressed, neat and clean.

Employees are expected to wear the Company prescribed uniform for their department or to dress in a manner suitable to the job duties assigned to them as needed, and directed to, by Management.

Anyone requesting waivers on any of these guidelines must get approval from Management. Exceptions will be granted based on a showing of a necessary accommodation for religious or other purposes as required by law. Requests must be submitted in writing. Requests for accommodation should include an explanation of reasons supporting your request. Management reserves the right to determine appropriate appearance.

Uniforms, Gate Keys(Fobs), Name Tags must be handed back in at the end of the season, clean and in good condition; otherwise the cost will be deducted from the employee’s final pay period.

Dress, hairstyle, cosmetics and jewelry, which might reasonably be considered by guests, co-workers or customers of the public to be extreme, offensive, not in good taste, revealing or distracting are inappropriate and unacceptable.

Hats: Only Hillside Lake Park Recreation Inc. issued or approved hats are permissible and must be worn brim forward for positions that allow hats to be worn.

Shoes: You must wear the appropriate shoes or boots for your jobs activities. Kitchen positions require closed toe with non-slip soles; flip flops and sandals are not allowed. Maintenance and on ground’s positions require that steel-toed safety shoes/boots must be worn at all times (CSA or ANSI approved). Appropriate footwear is purchased and maintained at the employees expense.

Management reserves the right to determine what an acceptable appearance is.

Health and Safety Policy

In fulfilling this commitment, we will ensure that a healthy and safe work environment as indicated by acceptable industry practices and compliance with occupational health and safety legislation.

Ensure that any foreseeable hazards that may result in fires; security losses, and damage to property and personal injuries/illnesses are communicated regularly to employees, contractors and visitors.

All accidental loss and injuries can be prevented through sound safety management in combination with active and supportive employee involvement in performing regular safety inspections and following all safety policies that have been established. Injury and loss prevention is the responsibility of all members of management and employees alike.

All owners, management and supervisors will see that employees work safely, use good ergonomic work practices and that safe and healthy work conditions are maintained. All employees will have the responsibility to follow the safety and ergonomic guidelines and report all unsafe or unhealthy conditions.

Management will comply with their health and safety program requirements as they apply to design, operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment. All employees will perform their jobs properly in accordance with established procedures and operating procedures.

Our organization will not tolerate physical violence or vexatious comments or conduct in our working environment. This includes any form of sexual harassment as well as any other forms of harassment. All employees will read and understand our policy on workplace violence and harassment and then sign their working agreement accordingly.

We encourage our employees to report to their immediate supervisor, manager or owner if there is the potential for them to become a victim of domestic violence and if there is the possibility of domestic violence being brought into our workplace so that we can use the measures we have in place to protect all of our employees. We also demand that our employees report to their immediate supervisor, manager or owner if they have received vexatious comments or conduct from a fellow employee, customer, contractor or any persons they may come into contact with during the course of their working day.

It is our philosophy that all injuries, workplace violence, harassment and accidental losses can be prevented! We do not have the right to put ourselves, co-workers or visitors to our site, in harm’s way for any reason whatsoever! We trust all of you will join us in a personal commitment to make the safety of those around you just as important as your own. Help us to keep our workplace safe and comfortable for all of those in our workplace.

Accessibility Standards Company Policy

Accessible Customer Service:

Hillside Lake Park shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that its policies, procedures and practices as amended from time to time are consistent with the following principles:

  1. The goods or services must be provided in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. All measures and protocols for COVID-19 will be followed while doing so.
  2. The provision of goods or services to persons with disabilities and others must be integrated unless an alternate measure is necessary, whether temporarily or on a permanent basis, to enable a person with a disability to obtain, use or benefit from the goods or services.
  3. Persons with a disability must be given an opportunity equal to that given to others to obtain, use and benefit from the goods or services.

Assistive Devices:

Hillside Lake Park permits a person with a disability to use and keep with them their own personal assistive devices to obtain, use or benefit from the goods or services offered by Hillside Lake Park.


Hillside Lake Park’s employees, when communicating with a person with a disability, shall do so in a manner that takes into account the person’s disability.

Service Animals and Support Persons:

Hillside Lake Park shall allow a person with disability, who requires to be accompanied by a support person or guide dog into Hillside Lake Park premises that are owned or operated public facilities. The person is permitted to keep the guide dog them unless the animal is otherwise excluded by law.


Responsibilities of Management:

  • Educate employees and ensure compliance with all aspects of the policy.
  • Demonstrate behaviours that are consistent with the policy.
  • Provide support and guidance to staff members in fulfilling the policy.
  • Ensure all staff members are trained according to the requirements of the legislation.
  • When aware of areas of non-compliance ensure appropriate action is taken.

Responsibilities of Employees:

  • Comply with all aspects of the policy.
  • Demonstrate behaviours that are consistent with the policy.
  • Participate fully in training as it relates to this policy.
  • When aware of areas of non-compliance ensure the supervisor or manager is notified.
  • Follow all protocols and measures for COVID-19 when interacting with other team members and customers.


Occupational Health & Safety Policy Vision Statement  

Hillside Lake Park Recreation Inc. is committed to initiate, maintain and exceed Occupational Health & Safety standards set out by Government, Industry, Labour and general best practice safety standards. In order to achieve these standards, we will endeavor to:

  • Train our employees on the protocols for dealing with COVID-19 including quarantines, hand sanitization, physical distancing and sanitizing all common touch areas. We will make this information available to any person who enters our facility by posting signs, making it available on our website or other documentation.
  • Promote the best possible concepts of safety and ergonomics for the purpose of proactively preventing injuries to our employees, to all staff members, our customers and visitors to all facilities.
  • Make our safety program easy to follow and to encourage all staff members to actively participate in the safety culture in our workplace.
  • We will continually audit and update the safety and ergonomic standards we have established and pass this information on to our staff. Any changes in government regulations or industry standards will be incorporated into our safety and ergonomic policies and programs. These changes and enhancements will also be communicated to our staff, contractors and customers.
  • Communicate to all employees the accepted safety and ergonomic standards established by all government agencies and our own safety committee.
  • Review our safety and operating procedures regularly with all employees including our policies on workplace violence and harassment.
  • Promote safety and ergonomics within our organization and within our community.
  • Continuously improve the safety and ergonomic environment of our facility!
  • To prohibit and prevent workplace violence and harassment from taking place in our organization and our workplace in order to provide a work environment in which all workers are treated with respect and dignity.



Every employee has the right to refuse to do a task if they feel that their personal safety is being jeopardized or of that of a co-worker. This now includes the potential of being exposed to COVID-19. Examples can include having to work near a co-worker who has just tested positive for COVID-19, returned from outside of Canada, a designated Hot Zone or any other area or location deemed to be unsafe by management but has not quarantined themselves for the mandatory period, provided proof of a negative test for COVID-19, lack of PPE such as sanitizing spray, hand sanitizer, mask or gloves or having to work within two meters of a co-worker. Anytime you feel you could be in jeopardy, immediately contact your Supervisor and explain your concerns. The guidelines of the local Health Unit and from the Provincial and Federal Government must be followed.

If you feel that your safety or the safety of a co-worker may be jeopardized by performing a certain task, that you or any other person in the workplace could potentially be a victim of workplace violence, or that you or any other person may be a victim of domestic violence that may enter the workplace, then you must report your concerns to your immediate supervisor.  This includes working with or around another employee who maybe impaired from any substance including alcohol, pain medication, opioids, legal and medical marijuana. If you feel that the person who is impaired may put themselves in harm’s way, then take those concerns immediately to your supervisor.

Discuss it fully with your supervisor. If the supervisor feels that the task is safe to perform or that there is no potential threat of violence and you still disagree, ask to speak to your Manager, a member of the Safety Committee, or your Safety Representative and have that person assist in resolving the situation.

The Manager, a member of the Safety Committee, or your Safety Representative will review the Job Safety Hazards Analysis performed for that task to examine all potential hazards and will also review the Workplace Violence program to ensure that all preventative measures are in place. Check to see if the nature of the task or if the potential for violence has changed since the time the last assessment was prepared and update the Assessments accordingly in order to help resolve any of the safety concerns.

If you are the victim of domestic violence and think that you may encounter that person in the workplace, or the risk of workplace violence has the potential to expose you to physical injury, you must report this situation immediately to your Supervisor or Manager so that they can enact measures to protect you and your co-workers. You may be exempted from your normal duties and work in what is agreed upon to be a safe place until the threat of the risk of physical violence has been removed. 

In the event that you are at the jobsite of another company, or your concerns involve the employee of a contractor at our worksite, have your Supervisor or Manager to discuss your concerns with the safety representative of that company.  They can contact our Safety Committee or Safety Representative for further clarification, and then meet with the Supervisor or Manager and employee to try and remedy the situation.

If necessary, the Ministry of Labour will be contacted and an inspector will conduct an investigation and then render their decision. Please review the Job Safety Hazards Analysis during your initial training and orientation so as to address safety concerns before you actually perform your tasks and duties.

Please remember at all times to make your personal safety and that of your co-workers a top priority!

Safety should never be compromised, and short cuts should never be taken. We take the safety of our employees, patrons, contractor employees, and of anyone on our site seriously and will continuously improve the safety program we have established. Please work safely while you are here at work and remember to take safety home with you.

Health and Safety Representative Agreement

Our company’s expectation is that every employee will take an active role in our workplace safety culture. You will participate in any required training sessions, obey the company safety rules, and volunteer to be a workers’ safety representative as is needed. This includes strictly following all protocols for COVID-19! 

As a workers’ safety representative, you will be provided with the necessary training, resources, and time necessary to perform the duties of this role.

What is a Health and Safety Representative?

  • Is a worker who has been chosen to perform this role by fellow workers or by the workers’ union
  • Represents the health and safety interests of workers
  • Helps to identify potential or actual dangers
  • Has powers and duties under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)

In workplaces where the number of workers regularly exceeds five, but is less than 20, employers must ensure that the workers select a Health and Safety Representative [subsection 8(1)] (OHSA).

What does a Health and Safety Representative do?

Inspecting the workplace at least once per month is the main duty of the Health and Safety Representative; these inspections are required by the OHSA [subsection 8(6)] (OHSA). If a monthly inspection of the entire workplace is not practical, then the law allows the Rep to inspect part of the workplace each month, with the whole workplace covered at least once per year [subsection 8(7)] (OHSA).

Powers of the Health and Safety Representative

In addition to jobsite inspections, Health and Safety Representatives also have the power to:

  • Identify potential hazards at the workplace [subsection 8(10)] (OHSA)
  • Make recommendations or report findings about these hazards to the employer, other workers, and any trade union representing workers [subsection 8(10)](OHSA)
  • Get information from the employer about testing of equipment or materials at the workplace, be consulted about testing if required, and be present to ensure test results are valid [subsection 8(11)] (OHSA)
  • Has the power to inspect the scene of a critical injury or death, and report the findings to the Ministry of Labour [subsection 8(14)] (OHSA)
  • The Health and Safety Representative must be present during the employer or supervisor’s investigation of a work refusal [subsection 43(4)] (OHSA). This investigation is typically conducted by the supervisor.

 How does the Employer help the Health and Safety Representative?

  • The employer works with the Health and Safety Representative to develop a check off list
  • The employer and the Health and Safety Representative agreed on a monthly meeting schedule (i.e. every 1st Friday in the month)
  • A Health and Safety Representative is entitled to take such time from work as is necessary to carry out his or her duties under subsections (6) and (14), and the time so spent shall be deemed to be work time for which the Health and Safety Representative shall be paid by his or her employer at the representative’s regular or premium rate as may be proper [subsection 8(15)] (OHSA)
  • Immunity – “no action or other proceeding for damages, prohibition or mandamus shall be instituted respecting any act done in good faith in the execution or intended execution of a person’s duties under this Act, or in the exercise or intended exercise of a person’s powers under this Act, or for any alleged neglect or default in the execution or performance in good faith of the person’s duties or powers if the person is (d) a health and safety representative”

It is an offence for any person (including owners/management) to knowingly hinder or interfere with, or to give false information to a health and safety representative who is in the process of exercising his or her powers and/or performing his or her duties under the Act.


You are expected to work in a safe manner and observe safe working procedures. If safety equipment or procedures are required for the task you are performing, you are expected to comply with the procedures and to wear or use safety equipment as directed by your Manager or direct Supervisor, and The Companies policies and procedures. If you are unsure of proper use please ask a Manager or your direct Supervisor. 

Tools and equipment are to be kept clean and in good repair. Any accident hazards or unsafe conditions of equipment are to be corrected or reported to your Manager or direct Supervisor immediately. Do not use equipment with inoperable safety features or which presents a possible safety hazard.

Employees’ Role Safety Rules of Our Workplace 

  1. All personal protective equipment will be worn as required and in the designated areas. (Each contractor will be contacted when they arrive at our worksite and informed as to where those areas are and what is to be worn.) Any defective personal protective equipment is to be reported to your supervisor so it can be replaced immediately. Clean all PPE before wearing it. Your PPE now includes hand sanitizer, sanitizing sprays, wipes, masks and gloves to protect you from the spread of communicable diseases including COVID-19. If you are running low on any of these items, report this issue to your Supervisor immediately. All common touch items will be sanitized before and after use. This can include but not limited to; hand tools, power tools, motorized equipment, debit/credit card machines or any other surface where sanitization is deemed necessary. Physical distancing protocols must be followed at all times. Our workplace will establish those protocols based on current information from our local Health Unit and also from Provincial and/or Federal guidelines. The current standard of two meters will be enforced.
  2. If you have returned from out of the country, a designated Hot Zone or any area your Management Team feels was not safe for you to have been in, have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 or showing signs you may have COVID-19, you must contact your Supervisor immediately and go into quarantine until you have been cleared by a Doctor to return to work. This may include providing proof of a negative test(s). Failing to provide this information to your Supervisor is jeopardizing the health and safety of everyone in your workplace and can lead to disciplinary action.
  3. No workplace violence of any sort will be tolerated! If you are the victim of workplace violence you must report it immediately to your supervisor or manager and then stay in a safe location until the measures to control the situation have been put in place, and acted upon.

If you are the perpetrator of workplace violence, you will be told to leave the workplace immediately and not to return until you have been contacted by your supervisor or manager. If you refuse to leave the workplace when ordered to do so, the police will be summoned and they will escort you off of the premises!

  1. If you have any reason to believe that you are or may become the victim of domestic violence and/or the perpetrator of that violence may come to our workplace, you must report this immediately to your supervisor or manager so that they can warn all of the employees about the potential threat and put measures in place to prevent any workplace violence from occurring.
  2. No workplace harassment nor is workplace sexual harassment allowed in our workplace! Workplace harassment is defined as engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct against a worker in a workplace that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome.
  3. Workplace sexual harassment means, (a) engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct against a worker in a workplace because of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, where the course of comment or conduct is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome, or (b) making a sexual solicitation or advance where the person making the solicitation or advance is in a position to confer, grant or deny a benefit or advancement to the worker and the person knows or ought reasonably to know that the solicitation or advance is unwelcome.

A reasonable action taken by an employer or supervisor relating to the management and direction of workers or the workplace is not workplace harassment. Our organization has identified CEsafety as a third person whom workers can report incidents of workplace harassment to if the alleged harasser is their supervisor or their employer. CEsafety will then document the complaint and report it to the Manager so they can initiate an investigation. The organization will identify a person to investigate any complaints of workplace harassment or workplace sexual harassment when the complaint is levied against a supervisor or the employer. The organization’s attorney can be such a person or another outside consultant may be utilized. CEsafety cannot perform the investigations due to a conflict of interest. The third person to conduct the investigation will be identified as needed depending on their availability.

If you are the victim of such behaviours, tell the offending person to stop immediately and then report the occurrence to your supervisor or manager. If you are the person who has rendered vexatious comments or conduct and have been asked to stop this behaviour, you will do so immediately, apologize to the person you have offended and be prepared to attend a meeting with the committee that has been assigned the responsibility of handling matters of workplace violence and harassment. If you persist in vexatious comments or conduct, you will be asked to leave our workplace and not to return until you  have been contacted by your supervisor or manager.

If you refuse to leave the workplace when ordered to do so, the police will be summoned and they will escort you off of the premises! If you are the victim of such harassing behaviours, report it to your Supervisor or person in authority immediately. Even if you are being harassed by a person not employed at our business, management will assist you in addressing this situation by whatever means possible.

Note: If you have been subjected to what you determine are vexatious comments or conduct, it is your responsibility to tell the perpetrator to stop immediately and to report this to your Supervisor for further action, if deemed necessary. The onus will then be on the perpetrator to stop this kind of behaviour as they will have then be warned. Any further such conduct will lead to disciplinary measures that are outlined at the bottom of this policy.

Using social media as a means of exhibiting vexatious comments or conduct, even outside of business hours, towards our business, members of management or a co-worker will not be tolerated! Any vexatious comments, photos or videos posted through a social media outlet will be considered a severe breach of this contract and disciplinary action will be taken. Using devices belonging to the business to commit such offences maybe considered grounds for immediate dismissal!

Our management team will check the social media sites of our employees as is deemed necessary. We encourage our employees to promote our business on social media but remember that any negative information displayed on your social media sites can and will be used against you. Information displayed in the public domain is available for any person to view.

No employee is allowed to speak to members of the media unless they have been authorized to by management. 

  1. Our policies on workplace violence and harassment apply equally to our contractors, sub-contractors, their employees, our customers and any persons in our workplace or on our site. If you are a contractor or sub-contractor, you will inform your staff members and employees of our policies before they enter our workplace. Our customers will also be informed of our policies by whatever means of communication is most effective.
  2. If you are taking medication that may affect your ability to safely operate equipment, work around equipment, perform your assigned duties or to control potentially violent outbursts, then you must discuss this in confidence with your Supervisor or Manager. This includes the use of opioids and medical marijuana. You do not have the right to put yourself in harm’s way for any reason.

Only that information that needs to be revealed to other workers will be revealed in order to protect your safety and theirs. Do not operate any equipment while taking medication that will impair your ability to safely perform your duties. If necessary, your role and tasks will be modified until you can return to your normal duties.

Failure to report this information may endanger yourself, co-workers, customers and jeopardize your employment.

  1. All employees are expected to be familiar with their safety rights, responsibilities and know how to report unsafe working conditions and equipment to their immediate Supervisor.
  2. Only those ladders supplied by the employer are to be used for accessing items. Workers are not to stand on the top cap of a ladder or the rung below it. Never improvise by using a chair or standing on a shelf! Check the load capacity of the ladder before using it.

Inspect the ladder you are about to use before using it checking for cracks, damage and that the non-slip feet are intact. Take any defective ladders out of service immediately and report it to your Supervisor.

  1. When moving or handling equipment, motorized equipment, power tools, wooden skids, strapping, emptying garbage containers or where there is a danger to hands or fingers, appropriate gloves must be worn.
  2. No person is to operate a golf cart unless they have been trained by a competent person, read the golf cart safety rules and guideline program, and had their training records updated to reflect that training.

No person shall put a golf cart in motion unless

  • there are no persons or objects in the direct path of the cart
  • all persons in the cart are properly seated
  • all items are secured
  • no person is standing on the cart, either on the bumper or on the back of the cart where the golf bags go
  • when in a moving golf cart, ATV or other motorized equipment, drivers and passengers will keep all body parts inside of the vehicle
  1. Never operate equipment in areas designated as “No Go Areas” for the equipment you are using.
  2. Hot work will only be performed in areas designated as “Hot Work Areas”.
  3. Never store objects in front of fire extinguishers, emergency equipment, emergency exits or electrical panels.
  4. If there is a potential for an eye injury, such as using power tools, compressed air or a pressure washer, approved safety glasses with sideshields or goggles must be worn.
  5. In all work areas, steel toed, non-slip footwear must be worn. All other personal protective equipment will be worn where required by the employer. In kitchens, no open footwear such as sandals will be worn. Non-slip footwear is the preferred shoe of choice. Workers are not to wear elevated heel footwear while on duty or at our facility.
  6. Hearing protection must be worn where necessary. No IPods, headphones with radio or any type of listening devices will be worn when operating motorized equipment of any kind. It is not permissible to text/talk on a cell phone or other device when operating equipment.
  7. Ground fault circuit interupter protection will be used when you are using electrically powered tools in areas where there is liquid on the floor or when working outside. Inspect the cords on all electrical equipment to ensure that the equipment is safe to use before using it.
  8. If working in isolation, maintain a regular call in schedule with a co-worker or supervisor.
  9. No jewelry or loose fitting clothing will be worn around power equipment such as drills, grinders, presses, PTO shafts, etc.
  10. There will be no horseplay, rough housing or fighting.
  11. Smoke only in designated areas.
  12. Any spills will be cleaned up immediately, and the residue will be disposed of as determined by the product’s Safety Data Sheet.
  13. All equipment is to be checked before using and any damaged equipment is to be locked out and reported to supervision immediately.
  14. Follow our lock out/first line break procedures for working on equipment, electrical systems or any lines that need to be de-energized and locked out in order to protect the safety of the worker.
  15. Never remove guards or disable limit/kill switches on equipment.
  16. Do not operate any equipment until you have been trained and your training records updated.
  17. Gas cylinders are to be secured so as not to tip over at all times, during transport, use or storage.
  18. All employees will learn and use safe lifting techniques and not attempt to lift any object that weighs more than 25 kilograms or 55 pounds.
  19. Inspect the work area for any possible safety hazards. I.E. Check for tripping hazards in the shop area, look for items stored dangerously overhead, look in the trash bins for dangerous articles before emptying them.
  20. Any unsafe conditions or acts must be reported to the supervisor immediately.
  21. All employees will be asked to read the safety data sheets for any hazardous chemicals they will be working with and to receive WHMIS 2015 training.
  22. As an employee, you are expected to learn where the SDS binder, First Aid kits, personal protective equipment, eyewash stations, emergency showers and equipment are located, how to use them and to pass this information on to co-workers or visitors to our workplace.
  23. Never aim a compressed airline or pressure washer at yourself, another person, electrical outlet or wires, hydraulic hoses, airlines or anything that contains a hazardous chemical, including batteries.
  24. Only those employees who have been trained will be allowed to dispense gasoline or diesel fuel. Chemical resistant gloves and splash proof goggles are to be worn.
  25. No person shall perform a task that requires fall arrest or fall restraint equipment unless they have been trained in fall arrest and fall restraint safety, have proof of their training on their person and have the appropriate safety equipment in good working condition.
  26. No person shall enter a Confined Space without the proper training, certification and equipment and unless they have been authorized to do so by our Safety Representative and with the knowledge of your supervisor and the General Manager! An Entry Permit must be completed in full before this work is to commence!

 Each employee has a role to play in the continued growth of the safety culture in our workplace. As an employee, you are expected to report all safety hazards, unsafe working conditions and unsafe acts to your supervisor or manager immediately regardless of where the safety hazard is or who is working unsafely. You are also expected to learn how to safely operate any equipment and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment correctly before operating the equipment. When you have been trained, have your training records updated accordingly and feel comfortable to operate the equipment, then you may do so remembering to employ safe operating practices and procedures.

At any time if you do not feel comfortable operating equipment or performing a task, stop immediately and inform your supervisor of your concerns. Your supervisor will provide you with additional training and anything else you require to do the job safely.  If the equipment is defective, again stop using it and immediately inform your supervisor. The equipment will be inspected, taken out of service if it is found to be defective and repaired or replaced as is necessary.

We firmly believe that all employees will not only be responsible for their own safety but also for the safety of co-workers, customers and visitors to our facility. Remember to watch out for others in your working area and alert them to any potential dangers. Stop performing your work if you feel that continuing to do your task may endanger someone in the area. Resume working only when it is safe to do so.

Remember to follow these and any other safety rules established by your employer, manager or supervisor. These rules have been put in place for your protection. It is our safety philosophy to protect our workers at all times so please help us to protect you so that you can go home safely at the end of each day.

Working safely and following these rules is a condition of your employment. Failure to follow these rules or to obey the regulations that govern our workplace can and will lead to disciplinary actions that may include; a verbal reprimand, a written note of discipline in your personal file, suspension and termination of employment if the severity of the offence and the situation warrants it. Remember that if the severity of the offence is serious enough, the Employer can choose to terminate your employment immediately instead of going through the previous warning protocols.

After reading this document, discuss any questions you may have with your supervisor and then sign your training records and this document to indicate that you have read and understood this program and are in agreement with it and its principles. Remember, safety starts with attitude.

Ontario Health and Safety Act

Under the OHS Act:


A Worker Shall,

  • Work in compliance with the provisions of the Health & Safety Act and its regulations;
  • Use or wear the equipment, protective devices or clothing that the worker’s employer requires to be used or worn;
  • Report to his or her employer or manager the absence of or defect in any equipment or protective device of which the worker is aware and which may endanger himself, herself or another worker
  • Report to his or her employer or manager any contravention of this Act or the regulations or the existence of any hazard of which he or she knows

No Worker Shall,

  • Remove or make ineffective any protective device required by the regulations or by his or her employer, without providing an adequate temporary protective device and when the need for removing or making ineffective the protective device has ceased, the protective device shall be replaced immediately;
  • Use or operate any equipment, machine, device or work in a manner that may endanger himself, herself or any other worker; or engage in any prank, contest, feats of strength, unnecessary running or rough and boisterous conduct.

No employee of The Company will begin work, on a task or in an area, for which they have not been trained and had their training records signed off on by Management or the direct Supervisor

Employee Policies Acknowledgement and Receipt

Employee Acknowledgment:

I, ­­                                                                                                                                 acknowledge that I have read and understand the Company’s Employee Policies  and agree to abide by the guidelines set out above.

Dated at                                               this                  day of                                     , 20                 


Signature of Employee                                                                                                                                                            

I agree to abide by the rules, policies and procedures of Hillside Lake Park Recreation Inc. as stated in this document and the documents listed below, and realize that failure to follow these rules could result in disciplinary action up to and including my immediate dismissal for cause.

I also acknowledge that these policies can be updated at any time and agree to review and follow any updates.

I understand that I must also familiarize myself with the following information contained in separate documents and follow these policies as a requirement of my employment with the Hillside Lake Park Recreation Inc:

  • Employee Contract
  • Employee Sector Specific Training Sheets



Date June 17, 2024

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