Frequently asked questions …

What are the Requirements to bring a unit into Hillside?
  • Ideally units should be no older than 10 years, we will consider units up to 15 years.
  • send us current pictures, unit will be inspected upon arrival to ensure hillsides standards are met.
  • We reserve the right to change our mind based on the condition of the trailer.
  • You cannot bring your own unit into our 8 or 10 month or year round section.
Trailer , Mobile Home, Park Model. Whats the Difference?
  • Can be towed behind your vehicle without any special permits or an escort.
  • At Hillside, customers with trailers are eligible for our regular season only, (long weekend in May to Thanksgiving).
  • At no given time are customers eligible to live in trailer outside of the regular season.
Mobile Home
  •  are all-season shingled roof units, and they are the only type of unit that we allow in our permanent living section.
  • Only Northlander Mobile Homes purchased through Hillside are eligible to be placed in our Mobile Home Section. Please note*
  • Hillside does not allow anyone to live in a trailer in any of our sections for longer than the May to October season.
Park Model
  • has a shingled roof, 2×4 constructed units that are eligible to be put in the May to Oct seasonal section or the 8 and 10 month sections.
  • 12′ or 14′ wide they come in 3 season (8 month area) and 4 season (10 month area)
  • Only Northlander branded units purchased through Hillside are allowed on any 8 or 10 month site.
  • All trailers can stay at Hillside for as long as you wish providing your account is in good standing and you keep your trailer and lot in a neat, tidy and clean state
Can I Sell My Unit at Anytime?
  • Your unit can be sold at any time.
  • you don’t have to list through our office, however many people enjoy the benefits associated of doing so.
  • If you choose to sell, Hillside reserves the right to take back our site, Hillside has input each sale on a case by case basis.

For more information pertaining to 8 and 10 month seasons please click here.

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