Privacy Policy 

Hillside Lake Park Recreation Inc. (“Hillside”), in compliance with the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) has developed policies and procedures in respect of personal information that it collects, and its use, and how to protect its confidentiality and your rights under the law in respect of that information.

For the purposes of:

1. Enabling Hillside to contact you and to communicate with you       

2. Enabling Hillside to contact persons whom you designate to advise them of any emergency, accident or illness which you may suffer

3. To provide you with services and sales of articles and parts and to bill you for them

4. To enable Hillside to control the use and safety of the business premises and to protect the interests and safety of all persons using Hillside’s facilities

5. To process debit, cheque or credit payments and to assist in the collection of accounts

6. To comply with record and accounting requirements for Hillside’s business and to comply with governmental regulations in respect of Hillside’s business, tax records and payment requirements, and to comply with requirements imposed by law

7. To provide information to Hillside’s accountants, legal representatives and insurers where required

8. To mail to you or otherwise inform you of upcoming events, newsletters, provision of services or changes to the same and of articles and services available to you as part of Hillside’s business

9. To assist the Recreation Committee of the campers in the promotion of their activities and programs

To promote Hillside’s business by the display of the facilities available and the extent and nature of activities and the use of such by campers and visitors Hillside may collect personal information which may include: – information such as your name, address, telephone or other communication numbers – names, addresses, telephone or other contact numbers or methods of contact of your relatives or persons to notify in case of emergency, accident or illness – financial, credit and reference information – identifying information such as driver’s license particulars, Social Insurance number, birth date; and the vehicle ownership particulars; and camper or recreational vehicle particulars, mobile home details, and particulars of any additions or equipment in relation to any of them – pictures and records of activities and persons participating in them upon Hillside’s property for display on the premises and in Hillside’s promotional materials and for use by the Recreation Committee of the campers, showing recreational activities and display of individuals or groups for achievements made or honours awarded Hillside intends to limit the use of the personal information as defined by PIPEDA for its own use and to use by the Recreation Committee of the campers as set out above, and will not sell or provide that personal information to other organizations; Hillside reserves the right to provide the information to its associated corporations as defined by the Income Tax Act.

Hillside intends to ensure that the information it collects is accurate and intends to keep in place safeguards against improper access to that information. If you have questions as to policies and practices in respect of personal information you should contact the management at Hillside’s office. Occupancy of a site at Hillside is assumed consent by Hillside’s office to the collection and retention and use of the personal information as outlined above. If you have any reason to believe that any portion of such information is inaccurate you have rights under PIPEDA to access to the personal information collected by Hillside and all reasonable efforts will be made to provide that information to you upon your request in compliance with the provisions of Schedule 1 of the Act.

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