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Hillside Lake Park Family Campground


Founded by Jack & Tonny Ducker, Hillside is a seasonal family campground and year round mobile home community. We are proud to be family owned and operated since 1963.

First off let us say, it was very nice to be able to say hi and see lots of familiar faces last weekend. We hope that being able to come to your trailer for the day was a nice break and a change of scenery for you. Secondly this email contains a very exciting update for everyone, but also clearly spells out what YOU need to do in order to be able to join in and participate in this next step. The big news is We are now ready to allow campers to come and stay overnight, however, ALL rules from our last update are in place, those include: • All paper work must be completed and sent to the office in order to have entry. This includes: o The License of Occupation (one per site) www.hillsidelakepark.com/loo/ o The Waiver (one PER occupant) www.hillsidelakepark.com/waiver/ o The Code of Conduct (one per site) www.hillsidelakepark.com/code-of-conduct/ The Code of Conduct has not changed, please read it fully to ensure that you and your immediate family can adhere to all the new rules/policies. We are highlighting a few: • If you are sick, fever/flu, tested positive for Covid or awaiting results, please stay home • There are NO visitors, only your immediate family (those you live with) can be here. • There is NO visiting other peoples sites, this includes sitting in lawn chairs on the road. As we are deemed a recreational property by public health, the maximum 5 person rule doesn’t apply as it is superseded by public health’s current directive. (Occupants are only allowed on their own sites) • Golf cart use restricted to extended seasonals/mobile home owners for task related items (ie. garbage). Seasonals are not allowed golf carts, if your cart is in our storage area, it is safe and we will hold onto them for you. More info on carts in storage will be sent out next week. • Maintain at all times 6 feet of distance between you and others. Office Hours Sunday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday & Saturday 9am-7pm If you are planning on coming out this Friday to stay for the weekend, please note our office closes at 7pm Friday night, so we recommend completing your paperwork online before 6pm on Friday. This should allow our office staff enough time to receive, check and log your paperwork. We cannot stress this point enough. If your site is missing any of this paperwork, your gate card will not be turned on and you will not be allowed into the park. If you come after 7pm and are missing paperwork you will have to go home and wait until we open on Saturday to get in. Ensure you have completed, the license of occupation, a waiver for EACH adult listed on the license of occupation and the code of conduct. Now for some notes from Park Management: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to all those that managed to get their paperwork submitted to us. We appreciate you being pro active! Office: Our office is open, but closed to the public – what this means is that we are here for service and to accept payments, answer questions, but you can’t come inside. We are asking customers to adhere to the orange pilons outside the office. If you show up and no one is in line, please ring the buzzer located to the left of the office door, and we will come out to assist. If there are others in line please take the next empty pilon and wait your turn. Propane: Is available, please drop tank off at station labelled with your name, let the office know (using above guidelines) and we will advise via phone if the tank will be filled right away or when to come back and pick it up. Bills: were emailed/mailed from our office on May1st, with the option of a payment plan for those that need it. If you haven’t seen the bill, please contact the office so we can resend. It is assumed that accounts that aren’t paid, or those that haven’t notified the office to be switched on the payment plan will be paid by May 31st 2020. If not interest will be applied and unpaid accounts will be denied entry. Insurance: Again thank you to those that have submitted their insurance, if your insurance is still valid (expires after May 31st 2020) please let us know and we will pull your prior policy and check. Insurance requirements are as follows, policy number, expiry date, 2 million liability, if you have a golf cart we also need to see that the liability extends to the golf cart and finally we are looking for the location to be listed as Hillside Lake Park with your lot number,We will accept a copy of the policy, or a letter on letter head emailed from your agent. If you require further information or for clarification of these rules, please contact the office. this is a huge step, and we have mentioned this before, for the safety of everyone, there will be a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy for those not following the rules.We thank you in advance for understanding and patience at this fragile time.

Important update from Hillside Lake Park More Good News .... Hello Hillside Campers Well it's been a bustling 2 days with us seeing positive news and then having that it clawed back, but we are thrilled to announce that we have made more progress. Thank you to all of you that have already completed your paperwork online, and more thanks to those of you that abided so well to the rules during your 2 hour visits. We appreciate your diligence. Public Health has just confirmed that we are allowed to have all seasonal campers come for day use. Before you pack the car and start driving there are very strict rules that must be adhered to in order for this to work. We have implemented a code of conduct that will be required for all campers, please check your email for the link and all details. This directive is designed first and foremost with everyone's safety in mind and is intended to be the next step towards returning us to a "normal" camping season. The successfulness of this step will then determine our next steps. Here's what you need to know: This begins tomorrow May 16th at 9am. You can visit your trailer on a daily basis from 9am to 7pm. Appointments are no longer needed, all vehicles must be out by 7pm. All paper work must be completed and sent to the office in order to have entry. This includes The License of Occupation (one per site), The Waiver (one PER occupant), and The NEW Code of Conduct (one per site). All of the links for these electronic documents is in your email. Please read fully the Code of Conduct to ensure that you and your immediate family can adhere to all the new rules. Points to highlight include, only your immediate family can come (those listed on the license of occupation), there are NO visitors and there is NO visiting other peoples sites. There will be time for visitors later but now is not the time. NO golf cart use, and currently NO over night stays. Distancing is the key, our directive has and will continue to be that park management can operate under these conditions only if we feel that we can do so in a safe manner. We cannot stress enough for the safety of everyone, there will be a ZERO-TOLERANCE for those not following the rules. Should you have any questions, we will do our best to respond to everyone in a timely manner, we appreciate your patience and know how excited you will be for this next step. Hillside Lake Park Recreation Inc. Management.

Important update from Hillside Lake Park What Premier Ford didn't say .... At 1:30 today Ford announced that campgrounds were to open May 16th. Like you, we all got very excited at this announcement. However it is still unclear as to what and how this is going to unfold. Public Heath has contacted us to inform us that they will have more directive tommorow as to the ins and outs of Ford's message. Please see the excerpt from the press release that we have been supplied with currently, "Private parks and campgrounds may open to enable preparation for the season and to allow access for trailers and recreational vehicles whose owners have a full season contract." For the full release click this link news.ontario.ca/opo/en/2020/05/ontario-announces-additional-workplaces-that-can-reopen.html Not all campers/campgrounds have had the same priviledges that our campers have been allowed. This annoucement could mean that all campgrounds are now allowed the same access that many of our campers have taken advantage of the last few weeks. So things may not change yet. Unfortunatley at this time we have no news or instructions about this weekend. Public Health has informed us they will have more information tomorrow and at that time we will send out an update,we are still hopeful, please stay tuned. Here's hoping for good news.

Hello Hillside Campers.....there is much anticipation for the announcements expected today and our phones and email are ringing off the hook! We share your excitement and want to welcome everyone back safely. Please know that we will be listening this afternoon along with all of you and once the annoucement is made and we receive all the directives that we need to put in place from Public Health we will reach out with a mass email to all campers outlining the plan. In the meantime we did send an email to everyone on May 1st with links for our License of Occupation and Waiver. Just a heads up, these forms will need to be completed before you can come to the park and enjoy your trailer. We will update everyone soon! Stay safe.

Hillside Lake Park Family Campground

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at Hillside! 💕#hillsidelakepark #mothersday

Hillside Lake Park Family Campground

Hey Hillside Campers, this week, we wanted to share our fun fact with you early. This is because today is McHappy Day, and McDonald's has some significance in our story this week. In addition to working at the park when the kids were old enough, they also had part-time jobs. For Heidi and Ron, their first part-time jobs were working at McDonald's. McDonald's was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. They met some great people who are still in their life today. One was very important, and his name was Marc. Yes, that's right Heidi met her husband at her part-time job! From here, Marc and Heidi's love grew, and before you knew it, they were married and starting their own family. Last week we had a couple of good guesses of who the little guy beside Hans was in the last picture on the post; however, only one got it right! The little guy is Andrew, Heidi and Marc's son! After Andrew, they welcomed daughters Alex and Abbey. Most of you know Abbey from the office, and she is the start of the fourth generation. She started learning young as she had a great love for following her Opa around, and her favourite pastime was sitting with him at the gate! Fun fact, like the right of passage for many who fall in love with one of the members of the Hillside Family, Marc lent a helping hand around the park as well and joined (or got roped into) many of the activities. After working at the park, Marc worked as a Tow Motor driver until he found his passion for nursing. Today, Marc can be spotted around the park, walking his Great Dane Jackson. However, let's not jump too far ahead in our story because next week, we are excited to introduce some of the amazing women behind the men of our park and hear a little about their love stories. Happy Wednesday and McHappy day Hillside Campers, we hope that like Marc, Heidi and their kids tonight, you are able to get out and have a little treat from McDonald's to support such a great cause! Hillside Lake Park Family Campground #HillsideLakePark #FunFact #Memories #McHappyDay

Hillside Lake Park Family Campground

Finally it's Friday! Feels like it took a whole week to get here, and now that we are here we are excited to share some more fun facts about Hillside with you guys! So, we recently introduced some new characters, and sorry Hortence it’s not all about you this week, we love you though! No, this week we are going to look at the children and future owners of Hillside, and what their life was like growing up at such a wonderful campground. Much like all the other kids who roamed the park they got to enjoy all the fun that living at Hillside could provide, from jumping in the lake and swimming on the warm summer days, to playing at the ball diamond and fishing from the dock. Then in the winter when all the campers had gone home they were able to skate on the lake and toboggan down the Hill. There was never a dull moment for the kids. However, similar to the upbringing of their parents, the kids knew that there was plenty of hard work to do before the play could happen. The kids did some of the jobs like their parents did as children like garbage runs and helping maintain the grounds. The garage/barn got renovated into the new office and restaurant, being too busy the family would rent out the restaurant for the season. Campers Cookout wasn’t always called that. Back then when it first opened the restaurant was called Jack’s Diner. Many think it was named after the founder Jack, however Jack Zwart and his wife Sya were the first ambitious couple that would end up running the restaurant for quite a few years. It just so happened that he shared the same first name as Hillside’s founder. After that Peggy and Paul were the next owners up for the challenge and they ran the restaurant for a long time as well. A fun fact is both these couples lived at Hillside as they were Mobile Home Owners first ! As the 3rd generation grew older and the park grew as well there were more jobs to be done and new opportunities. Tonny started cooking when the park first opened and Heidi was more than eager when she was old enough to take the kitchen torch. She loved being in the kitchen with her Oma (Tonny) learning all the tricks to making yummy dishes. Hans and his brother Jack, when they were a bit older, also joined the kitchen staff when he was not outside helping Harry, Ken and Ron with the maintenance of the park. Fun fact, every morning at 7 am in the restaurant there was a coffee club for men only, and each person had their own cup. As you can see in the last picture Hans is cleaning the cups, but who was his little helper? Well, that's a story for next week. Hillside Lake Park Family Campground #Hillsidelakepark #FunFactFriday #Memories

Hillside Lake Park Family Campground

What day of the week do eggs hate? Fry-Day! What day of the week do we love? Friday. That's right it is Friday again and time for some fun facts. Last we left off telling you about a special guest that Hillside had way back then that still visits today! Many of you guessed, our beloved Rifty but no his story will be told another day. The guest we are talking about came all the way from Holland and bears a striking resemblance to one of our semi-retired owners. This guest is…...Hortence and here is his story! Hortence, is a member of the Ducker family; he is actually our beloved Harry’s TWIN brother. However, he is like the black sheep of the family, as he was sent away to boarding school in Holland when he was younger so he and Harry grew-up apart. But then, one summer after graduating from boarding school Hortence came all the way from Holland to be with his family. Him and Harry were as thick as thieves, they were inseparable, you could almost say they were the same person.. Hortence is quite the character let me tell you that, as he is the life of the party and loves life. This guy loves to dress up, you will never see him repeat one of his outfits. Hortence also really enjoys hanging out with the campers and making sure they are having a great time. He came up with some crazy activities and always made sure everyone is involved. His and Harry’s favourite game though is Hide N Seek, that is why you always only see one of them running around looking for the other. However, now a days Hortence is spending his time retired in Timbuktu. Fun fact about Hortence’s name is the Dutch spelling is Horhtence... with a heavy pronunciation on the second h.But since most Canadians couldn't pronounce his name properly, he decided to drop the 2nd h and then his name became Hortence. #hillsidelakepark #funfactfriday #Memories

Hello Hillside Campers, Staff and Friends We hope this update finds everyone well and healthy, albeit a little bored and lonely. Our first and foremost concern is for the safety of everyone during this state of emergency. Everything is changing so quickly and unfortunately that brings with it a lot of unanswered questions and uncertainty. We share your anxiety about what this means for our industry this summer, and during the past few weeks there have been many calls, emails and virtual meetings amongst Ontario’s Private Campground Association. We are all working hard to put plans in place to show the government how important “trailer time” is, and how it can be done safely. Recreational camping is still classified on the non-essential list. Our May to October seasonal section remains CLOSED , along with all common areas, public bathrooms and the office. Public health has given us strict rules that will allow snowbirds to come back only when full services are in place. We will reach out via email to all snowbirds that have contacted us, when we are able to offer full service. Once again we want to thank everyone for their patience, and diligence. A huge thank you goes out from all our families to all the front line workers, in the global picture, their safety and that of their families is what is most important right now. We want to express our thanks for all those that have reached out to us with their kind words of support and a large thank you to everyone here at Hillside who continue social distancing and isolation. We know everyone wants to come to their trailer, trust us when we say we want to be able to open! As soon as we have information to share we will be in touch! If you need to reach us, we are here via phone/email.